Inspiring Stories of 25 Real Estate Investors Who Are Normalizing Black Wealth
One Acre at a Time

This isn’t just an ordinary book.

It’s a piece of art that is beautiful inside and out. Not only is it a great read, it’s an amazing conversation starter to display on your table or bookshelf decor.

You’ll learn about people that went from homelessness and six-figures worth of debt to building multi-million dollar real estate empires.

about the book

Changing the narrative around Black wealth in America.

With beautiful imagery and powerful words, Acres reveals the untold stories of several young Black investors who are building wealth from the ground up with real estate. Kendra Barnes, curated this compelling collection of stories to change the narrative surrounding Black Wealth in America. She’s on a mission to inspire, educate and empower…and Acres is just the beginning.

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Meet the author

Kendra Barnes, Investor & Founder

Kendra Barnes is a full-time Real Estate Investor and founder of The Key Resource. Her real estate investments afforded her the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32. She created The Key Resource to inspire, empower and educate people about the power of home ownership and Real Estate investment.

Kendra was born and raised in Virginia, and went to undergrad at North Carolina A&T State University where she received her Bachelors in Agricultural Economics. She received her Masters in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University before moving to Washington D.C. where she worked as an International Economist for ten years.

In her spare time you can find her thrift shopping, baking some gluten-free goodies or spending time with her husband and daughter.

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