Ashley Gallacher



Connect with the Investor

Ashley started her real estate investing journey in June of 2019 after lengthy discussions about generational wealth and affordable housing with her husband and brother. From those discussions she started diving into real estate and learning all that she could about the different strategies for investing and building generational wealth while helping build communities. It wasn’t long after that (2020), that she decided to leave her corporate finance role at a tech company in Seattle to pursue real estate investing full-time. Shortly after leaving her corporate position, she was able to quickly build a small, diversified portfolio of short-term rentals, mid-term rentals, and single-family homes while working through a multifamily development project with her brother. Most of her investments are in black and brown neighborhoods that most investors shy away from. She understands the challenges of these neighborhoods and thus has had success in them.   In 2021, Ashley co-founded CG Real Estate Group with her brother, with the initial focus on developing affordable multifamily housing. In 2022 they both became fellows of the Amazon Housing Equity Accelerator program. A two-year, part-time professional development program aimed to increase the capacity of developers of color. The program provides professional training, support from business advisors, networking opportunities, and access to capital via grants or low-rate loans.