Damien Peters


Connect with the Investor

I’m Damien. I’m the founder of Wealth Noir. I’m a dad, a former Facebook product manager, MIT alum, MBA, and self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. My personal blog is at DamienPeters.com is all yours if you are interested. But you want to hear about Wealth Noir, not me. I like to talk and I like personal finance. This led to a series of conversations with friends and colleagues about finances as I was working on mine. At the time, mid-2016, I had a rental property and was buying my second, had money in stocks, ETFs, and bonds; and had a little money in a hedge fund, all of which was split across a brokerage, my 401k, and an IRA. I had spent a lot of time learning and growing my investments over the last 10 years.