Stephanie Smith

Real Estate Investor


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Stephanie Smith is a persistent closer, dominating Real Estate with her quick thinking, strategic decision making, and witty humor. In learning the importance of owning her own at an early age, Stephanie set out during college to buy her first house with merely her college refund check. After being shown about one hundred properties, the home Stephanie picked unknowingly appreciated triple the purchase price in under one year. Amazingly for Stephanie, this new finding was the beginning of Stephanie’s lessons to come in the world of Real Estate. Prior to Stephanie’s career taking off as an investor, Stephanie was a Certified School Counselor within Pennsylvania for three years and the Dominican Republic for one year. After being rejected for a renewal of contract as a school counselor, Stephanie began to reevaluate her passion and purpose in life. In knowing that she loved to help others, Stephanie sought out to devote her time and energy into the planning and execution of providing quality and affordable options for renters and home buyers. Nevertheless, this is only one part of Stephanie’s mission. To Date, Stephanie is the CEO of Wake of Investments and We Heart Vacations. Wake Up Investments was created as a one stop shop for start up businesses to receive business consultation, planning sessions, small scale branding opportunities, and company registration services. Wake Up Investments specializes in providing Real Estate education to students, investors, and investors to be. In addition to the business side as an investor and educator, Stephanie is a traveler and adventurer at heart. From zip lining to swimming with the dolphins , Stephanie enjoys helping others create their dream vacations. We Heart Vacations partners with hundreds of suppliers to be able to provide luxury to customized cultural experiences to affordable pre-made popular destination hot spots.