Tiffani Baggett

Entrepreneur, Athlete, IT Professional


Connect with the Investor

Tiffani is the founder of Encourage Millions Inc (encouragemillions.com) and the on-demand educational app, WealthQuality. There she provides expert advice and know-how to the often-excluded members of society on how to gain access to real estate investments, develop affordable housing, release and replace poverty mindsets and build a legacy of wealth for their children. Her practical and memorable webinars and master classes, like the “Flip Your Block Academy”, inspire audiences not to accept mediocrity; to educate themselves and to move forward and succeed. She is also an advocate for leaving the communities you invest in, better than you found them. Tiffani holds a Master of Engineering Degree and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a member of both the Internet Marketing Association and the Association of Information Technology Professionals.